Friday, 21 April 2017

Rose Hip Knits Podcast - Episode 52 'No show mittens'


My computer has been refusing to start up but I was still able to upload a new episode to YouTube. It has had no editing or audio improvement but I hope it will be ok quality wise. A new computer is in the works...

I have included a few links to my projects below. If there is anything else that I talked about that you are curious about please contact me.

Thank you for watching!



What I finished

Mittens that I designed myself - more information to come.

What I am working on

Swaye shawl by Deanne Ramsay

Fernshaw shawl by Shara Lambeth (test knit)

Vanilla socks


I have a new sockyarn base - Victoria. It is from a mill in Victoria, Australia, and it is very similar to my other base OZ sock.

I have been experimenting with dyeing gradients. Once I have a few sets dyed and dry I will list them in my Etsy shop.

Other links

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