Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Finishing the year with Episode 26

Hi everyone,

I have a new episode for you to watch. :-) I talk about knitting that I have finished and that I am working on, some sewing and some yarn dyeing. Come and join me and I hope you enjoy!

Next time I see you will be in 2016, so Happy New Year!

Links to a few things I talk about can be found below. I keep quite good track of my projects in Ravelry so have a look at RosehipChick there and you will see details under my project pages.

Thank you for watching!

What I have finished
Ilex hat by Holli Dapp

What I am working on
Vanilla self striping sock

French Flautist cardigan by Leila Caroline Design

Bootstrap socks by Lara Neel

Other links
undyedalong thread in Ravlery
Rose Hip Island Etsy shop

Friday, 18 December 2015

Rose Hip Knits Podcast- Episode 25


It has been a hot couple of days here in northern Tasmania. Melting hot. Things are slowing down for the end of the year but also getting more busy with Christmas preparations and other fun stuff.

I didn't let the heat stop me from recording when I had the opportunity today. I always enjoy sharing my knitting, dyeing and other crafting with you so it was totally worth it! 

Things are a bit busy around here so there will not be links this time around. Please have a look in Ravelry for info about my projects and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Hanna (RosehipChick on Ravelry and Instagram)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Rose Hip Knits podcast-Episode 24

I have been cleaning and organising and baking like crazy so when I sat down for a well deserved rest I thought I could invite you to join me. So Episode 24 is here early. :-)

Do you have a dyeing disaster to share with us? I have one that I share with you in this episode.

Links to a couple of the things I talk about can be found below.

Thank you for watching!


What I am working on
French Flautist cardigan (test) by Leila Caroline Design
Peppermint leaves by Clare Devine
Vanilla socks from my selfstriping NZ sock