Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Rose Hip Knits Podcast Episode 8

Hi everyone,
This week I was successful with uploading the new episode after only 2 failed attempts. Yay! Huge improvement to last time. :-)

Anyway, Episode 8 is up on YouTube. Please come and join me when I share with you some of my knitting, sewing, spinning and dyeing. Thank you to ALL you wonderful viewers. New and returning.  I really have enjoyed your comments and messages in the last couple of weeks.

I forgot to say a big thank you to Softly Sharry who mentioned me on her (new) podcast in the past week.

Links to most of the things I mentioned in this episode can be found below. I am RosehipChick on Ravelry and all details about my projects can be found there. You can also find me on Instagram as RosehipChick.

Thank you for watching!

What I am wearing
Take Away Hat by Nancy Eiseman
Baby Chalice blanket by Karen S. Lauger

What I finished
Project bag based on noodle head tutorial
knitting is waiting to be finished once Stashdash2015 has started.

What I am working on
Little Squirrel socks by tincanknits
Sweet Bunting cardigan by Laura Chau
Vanilla socks (no pattern) in my handdyed
Raindrops by tincanknits
Spinning tencel/wool by Creatively Dyed Yarns

Coming up
Whisper cardigan by Hannah Fettig using my dyed and spun Tas merino

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