Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Rose Hip Knits Podcast Episode 8

Hi everyone,
This week I was successful with uploading the new episode after only 2 failed attempts. Yay! Huge improvement to last time. :-)

Anyway, Episode 8 is up on YouTube. Please come and join me when I share with you some of my knitting, sewing, spinning and dyeing. Thank you to ALL you wonderful viewers. New and returning.  I really have enjoyed your comments and messages in the last couple of weeks.

I forgot to say a big thank you to Softly Sharry who mentioned me on her (new) podcast in the past week.

Links to most of the things I mentioned in this episode can be found below. I am RosehipChick on Ravelry and all details about my projects can be found there. You can also find me on Instagram as RosehipChick.

Thank you for watching!

What I am wearing
Take Away Hat by Nancy Eiseman
Baby Chalice blanket by Karen S. Lauger

What I finished
Project bag based on noodle head tutorial
knitting is waiting to be finished once Stashdash2015 has started.

What I am working on
Little Squirrel socks by tincanknits
Sweet Bunting cardigan by Laura Chau
Vanilla socks (no pattern) in my handdyed
Raindrops by tincanknits
Spinning tencel/wool by Creatively Dyed Yarns

Coming up
Whisper cardigan by Hannah Fettig using my dyed and spun Tas merino

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Rose Hip Knits Podcast Episode 7

New episode is up on my YouTube channel. It is a long one this time! Please join me as I talk about knitting, sewing and other crafts. Towards the end of the episode I talk about dyeing.

Links to projects, tutorials etc can be found below. Yarn, needles sizes and other details are on my Ravelry project page.

After trying to upload for three days I gave up on iMovie and uploaded straight to YouTube, I hope that the video quality will still be ok. 

/Hanna (RosehipChick)

What I have finished
Mini hot water bottle cozy (modified from this pattern) in my hand spun and dyed yarn

What I am working on
Vanilla socks in my hand dyed self striping sockyarn (mix of patterns)
Sweet bunting cardigan by Laura Chau
Mitred square blanket 
Little Squirrel by Tincanknits 

Coming up
Raindrops by Tincanknits in my new hand dyed fingering yarn

Sewing tutorials

Stitchmarker tutorial
A little DIY